How are 911 and Corona related?

Israel is getting ready to expand it’s borders. Covid 19 is a fraud, but it’s served it’s purpose. We’re distracted, in terror and not thinking.

The “markers” in the virus have provided interesting data of transference mechanisms. Population movement is locked down – now for the real virus to wreak havoc? Or will it just blow over? Fabian Socialist style? We thought we were all gonna die! But they just wanted us in the right frame of mind for the Fed crypto app and a hand out?

Expect a Fed crypto app – straight from The Fed to you.

Understand The Belt & Road and Israel’s central role, and it’s move from “protectorate” seeking protectors, to a regional power. THAT was what 911 was about. This is what COVID 19 is about.

This article lays it out for you: Bunting’s map and Israel on China’s new silk road –

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