You’ll see private photo’s sent to me of Skull and Bones Fred Smith – FedEx. Besties with George W Bush and Sentaor John Kerry. Kerry is besties with Iranian foreign minister Javed Zarif – you getting the picture of Whitney Webb and Mint Press News? Funded by Iranian born and bred Odeh Muhawesh? Are you getting a brighter picture of Adam Green? Who wanders into israel with Jake Morphoneus, former researcher for W Bush campaign and Rand Paul? Why did Fred Smiths nephew try and associate me all day with Adam Green and Ryan Dawson? Both big fans of the white nationalist movement?

Alex Jones is changing his tune on Israel – he has his new orders. He even mentioned “Rothschild” two days ago and said “bankers” a few times after doing his usual right/left polarization speeches. Jared Kushner was on the chopping block yesterday. Its clear a new narrative is emerging and I cannot wait to see it in it’s full glory.

Today, a regular call in to his show suddenly expounds a deep concern for the plight of the Palestinians and laments the training of US police in Israel. Alex Jones never interrupted once and post call, did not go into a long monologue about how lovely Israel and Netanyahu were really and the evil leftist Hillary and Obama witch craft bunker was out to destroy America’s “greatest allie”.

INFOWARS THIRD HOUR – 2 minutes in:

Israel is throwing threats around and it is clear, the relationship is at it’s lowest ebb…ever. And we are not just talking Obama lowest ever. When you understand Zohar Zisapel and RAD Group, and how they are deep into the US critical infrastructure, ya better hope when the shooting starts in the South China Sea Israel realises it will be next on the chopping block if it plays any tricks.

By taking out china, the US military takes out Israel. Israel put all it’s eggs in the China basket – a long 200 year Rothschild Banking House East India Trading Company Operation. It’s getting juicy, I just hope we survive it. Watch for BI Bi striking hard on gaza and West Bank in the turmoil and distraction. I expect its possible they may make hay while the chaos sun shines and who knows how many things and players will pull some stunts to get a goal in place before things settle down before Christmas.

Alex Jones will change his narrative, completely, watch. Snap of the fingers. Israel and high technology will be on the chopping board, Microsoft in Israel, the Pentagon Cloud, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft voting machines. And WHO do you think Alex Jones will be calling in to “expose” Israel and high technology? None other than controlled op Adam Green.

I also put a shot across the bows of Adam Green. I am going to make sure he feels decidedly uncomfortable over the coming months. Some “Brothers” in L.A would like to speak to him about some of his relationships and “the white race must rule” association with Christopher Jon Bjkernes and Red Ice TV.

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