0:00 – – Introduction to video – De-industrializing America. Civil war. Moving industry south. Letting Dem cities burn. News articles…
1:36 – – US ISRAEL Energy Co-operation act. Legislating “illegal” technology transfers into legality.
2:52 – – *Senior Trump Official: Politicians Get ‘Very Rich’ by Supporting Israel*
10:00 – – We need Jews, Christians and Muslims coming together in the United States. The Belt & Road is being rammed together while America fights over election.
14:18 – – The US Israel Energy Co-operation Act in full.
15:21 – – *Israeli Semiconductors and the US-China Tech War*
22:52 – – My UN Refugee document and it’s relevance to current events. Written about in 2012 from jail, unfolding now.
24:00 – – Back to *Israeli Semiconductors and the US-China Tech War*
31:16 – – Zohar Zisapel, the king of critical infrastructure security. Israeli Military Intelligence. Please see…

48:35 – – UN document, my writing on Israeli intelligence activity in Australia and elsewhere.
52:18 – – *At Last, Israelis Are Turning Away From Their Medieval Religious Maniacs*
58:17 – – Kissinger’s right hand man Dr Steve Pieczenik talks getting rid of the US Constitution, bringing in Chabad Lubavitch Jared Kushner.

*Netanyahu After Biden Win: ‘Republicans, Democrats, There’s No Difference’*
Speaking at Knesset vote to ratify Trump-brokered normalization deal with Bahrain, Netanyahu says ‘I’ve had a warm relationship with Joe Biden for many years’

*Israeli Semiconductors and the US-China Tech War*
With its strong tech industry, Israel has emerged as a rare beneficiary of the U.S.-China rivalry – for now.

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