Below is the information that the producer of video had in his description I put it in because I don’t want to water anything down or be deceptive. I believe that the information in the video makes sense as to how you have to be careful what you are seeing and be neutral as to the information flying around out there and work out the truth in things you see and hear and do research.
I do believe in the manipulation of the masses to achieve a goal… good or bad and the media does this all the time.

Metatron (the Kabbalistic Messiah) HATES freedom of speech. One eye symbolism. Intentionally minimizing and manipulating view counts and censoring material that they don’t like.

Please note that ‘Kabbalahchute’ AKA ‘Bitchute’, which clearly HATES freedom of speech, and is evidently controlled by those who want to impose the Kabbalistic ideology on the entire world, is intentionally attempting to stifle this video, and does not want people to be able to have the ability to watch the content and decide for themselves. They want ‘Metratron’ and ‘Yeshua’, their phony, false, Satanic Gods promoted, at the expense of the Biblical truth. Kabbalah is purely Satanic.

If they want to ban material that they disagree with, why don’t they just have integrity and openly admit that this is what they are trying to do.

‘Metatron’ is a Satanic fraud and ‘Yeshua’ is the name of the Kabbalistic false ‘messiah’. Please be aware of this Kabbalistic deception.

Bitchute wants to impose Kabbalah worldwide, and they don’t want anyone who has any type of opposing opinion having any type of legitimate platform of a voice of influence.

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