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Israel Drones Worldwide, How Israel Russia, Iran and China work together…

Brendon’s links and video’s will remain as long as Youtube keeps them up I have backups but they are too large to upload on site.

Working on that part.

An old favorite.

1. How Russia China, Iran & Israel work together for the Belt & Road Project.
2. How Israel steals US technology and passes on to China, Russia and Iran.
3. How 911 was designed to get the United States to destroy Pan Arab nationalism to facilitate the expansion of Israels borders into Greater Israel – whereby Israel can dominate the Pan Eurasian Superstate economic development model as forecast in the 500 year old “Bunting Cloverleaf Map”.
4. How Iran and Israel are tied at the top under the Swiss banker boys of Rouhani and Zarif. Iran gets to the East bank of the Euphrates, a new Persian Empire. Israel gets to the west side of the Euphrates. The Jewish State v The Islamic State.
5. I ring Homeland Security to make a complaint about Jewish Zionist spying in America – it a good one hour watch.

*Israel and Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone*
After two rounds of negotiations, Jerusalem close to agreement with Eurasian Economic Union; separately, Tehran also set to sign deal ‘in the near future’

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