The “alt-media” is bought and paid for. The greatest espionage heist in history is going on and the alt-media appears more interested in click baiting the Jeffrey Epstien case along with 5000 other channels and the MSM (like 60 Minutes).

The greatest American high technology success story (Intel) was just destroyed by Israel and Russia. Analysis = 0, not counting this video and Tim at

Let us know if any “alt” media of note pick up and run with this issue.

They’ll have to pull some major DARPA tech out to save Intel, unless it was planned to implode Intel and the American economy all along. Intel’s main competitor, Taiwan Semi-Conductor (TSMC) and AMD are streaking ahead on every front – using US technology. BlackRock is the major investor in both companies. Maybe this is all simply part of the pivot to China? If you’re wondering where your Intel shares went, ask Henry Kissinger.

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