Sky News host Peta Credlin says Victoria has thumbed “its nose at Canberra and curried favour with the communist superpower” after agreeing to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

According to Section 51 of the Australian Constitution the federal government has power over “external affairs” while also power over “trade and commerce with other countries”.

“So what on earth is the Victorian state Labor government doing with its own foreign policy signing up to China’s notorious Belt and Road Initiative”.

“If there’s one thing the corona crisis should have done, it’s alert people to the true nature of the Chinese Communist regime: secretive, oppressive and bent on domination”.

Ms Credlin said for a government like Victoria’s which on all other issues such as climate change and pandemic lockdowns always claims to ‘listen to the experts’ it has been revealed it “did not consult with the foreign experts in Canberra before signing up to critical elements of this deal”.

“Let’s face it, what’s the point of having a national government in Canberra, if a state like Victoria can still go and turn itself into an economic debt colony of China”.

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