Now we see why Xi and the CCP is so cocky. Israel and Russia have egged him on…”We have the US backdoored, dont worry…”

Read this paragraph, this is Talpiot come home to roost.

Breaking China: A rupture looms between Israel and the United States
“In many cases on the surface, the companies that are working in these areas are not primarily focused on military applications, but the capabilities themselves have the potential to be leveraged for strategic impact,” Serchuk said. “Both Israelis and Americans agree that Israeli capabilities should never be leveraged or weaponized against the United States, but figuring out exactly what that means is very tricky.”

It sent chills…but it also made me happy…USMC…let us attend…

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In Beijing, Netanyahu looks to ‘marry Israel’s technology with China’s capacity’

Trump must warn Israel on its China trade

Unlikely partners? China and Israel deepening trade ties

Public Data Doesn’t Capture Extent of Chinese-Israeli Deals, Says Investor
Having spent the past decade living and working in Hong Kong and Beijing, investor Amir Gal-Or is one of the early pioneers of the tightening business ties between China and Israel,7340,L-3740209,00.html

Chinese investment in Israeli tech is growing, and it’s ‘quite welcome’ for some

How Israel Used Weapons and Technology to Become an Ally of China

Bunting’s map and Israel on China’s new silk road
Israel as key node on China’s New Silk Road

Chinese Investments in Israel Could Pose Security Threat, Shin Bet Chief Warns
Nadav Argaman says Israel needs legislation to supervise Chinese involvement in country’s projects – State Looking into tighter control over foreign investment following U.S. pressure
(It took over ten years of massive Israeli-China investment to admit this?)

9/11 Designed to “Pivot East” With China’s Belt & Road Initiative

China is hungry for advanced Israeli technology

China’s tech money heads for Israel as U.S. welcome wanes

China’s Deepening Interest in Israel

Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

Scaling Chutzpah by the Billions — Israeli Ingenuity Hits the Ground in China

Israel-China affair blooms even as culture gap weighs on rapport
PM says new bilateral partnership on innovation underlines China’s readiness to apply Israeli technology for the benefit of its people; also says he discussed Chinese role in rail route from Asia to Israeli Mediterranean ports

China’s New Generation Sets Its Sights on Israel

Yifeng Zhou on China’s interest in Israeli innovation

Israel, China set up first accelerator program in Beijing
Program aims to help Israeli tech firms penetrate the Chinese market through training, meetings, guidance

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