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One must ask, WHY was Intel, the American blue chip national security cpu company, shifted to Israel? Was someone compromised by the Bi Bi Bandits?

*Intel CEO: We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a US company*


Was then CEO of Intel of Brian Krzanich co-opted by Ghislaine Maxwell and the Epstein rings? He was booted (allegedly) for sexual misconduct and insider trading

*Intel was aware of the chip vulnerability when its CEO sold off $24 million in company stock*

*Intel CEO sold all the stock he could after Intel learned of security bug*


*Intel Warned Chinese Companies of Chip Flaws Before U.S. Government*

*Intel launches new processors that bring AI to the PC, sired by Haifa team*

The disastrous I10 ‘Icelake’ 10nm Intel disaster was a wholly Israel affair.


*Intel to invest an ‘unprecedented’ $11 billion in Israel operations*


*Intel Delaying Construction of New Israeli Semiconductor Plant*

*Senators Introduce Bill to Boost US Production of Semiconductors Amid Beijing’s Threats*


*Semiconductor companies consider new plants in the U.S.*

Chip makers Intel and Taiwan Semiconductor are talking to the Trump administration about building new semiconductor plants in the United States


*T.S.M.C. Is Set to Build a U.S. Chip Facility, a Win for Trump*


*U.S. mulls cutting Huawei off from global chip suppliers, with TSMC in crosshairs*


Intel is close to dead as a CPU manufacturer. People say they are to big to fail and have such deep pockets they can spend their way to success by buying off every computer manufacturer to keep their vastly inferior CPU’s in their lines. But, all that may be left is Intel as a Self Driving Car specialist, 5G wireless and iOT specialist.

*Intel’s Delicate Dance*

Intel has history with the new President. It came under criticism last year from Breitbart News—the alt-right media outlet of presidential adviser Steve Bannon—for announcing a layoff of 12,000 U.S.-based workers, even as it was requesting H-1B visas to bring in foreign professionals. Krzanich also cancelled a Trump fundraiser during the campaign. And Intel, run for decades by proud immigrant Andy Grove, is one of the companies that signed a brief opposing President Trump’s travel ban.

AMD is not standing still and continues to maintain it’s lead, particularly in the server market CPU’s…and that’s %60+ of the market, where the money is AND the National Security issues are.

With the national security issue so big, maybe the US government will have no choice but to deny hard core manufacturing processes to TSMC and other chip manufactures and give it all to Intel. Cadence Design and Applied Materials are two of the main US world leaders in the machines that make the machines and nothing moves without them. I guess Intel will be getting some “goodies” under the table. Otherwise, Intel is a blue chip American success story – often playing dirty (they all do) – but some bright spark decided to move the most advanced design and manufacturing Fab to Israel…now why would you do that?

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