Ever think you should be looking in another direction? When the MSM and Alt Media collide…you know you’re getting led by the nose.

While the click baiters and camp followers tell their audiences the mighty “Prince Andrew” (known as ‘The Royal Beggar’) will surely expose a plethora of powerful men like…the janitor, maid, or even Epsteins cook…no one mentions the lead story of how China and Israel infiltrated the United States to it’s very depths of every political, social, economic and educational institution. How did they do it? Who opened the doors for the CCP to walk into the US living room and start dictating terms? Maybe Henry Kissinger knows?

The slo-mo Morgenthau Plan unfolds ever faster and the alt Media guru’s are orgasmic over Prince Andrew…maybe Prince Harry was their too with Megan! Someone get me the ‘tittie’ page of a Rupert Murdoch publication now! This is hot goss!

Intel CEO: We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a US company

Intel’s newest connectivity product was built in Israel

UN Refugee Application | Brendon Lee O’Connell – 100MB PDF file!x6hDWYaR!GOaK-TCZBF_acroFHgYa6bi3r1TZ-O8btzYYG7b6XkI

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